I Tried 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY

2019 30 مارس
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HIDDEN COMMENT: im wearing red suspenders right now

  • EDIT: don’t actually do the baking soda mask. bad idea. but DEFINITELY SMASH LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE WITH POST NOTIES!!!

    Ryan TrahanRyan Trahanپیش سال
    • Oh no

      Jasper Outdoors stanleyJasper Outdoors stanleyپیش 11 روز
    • @Salma Gamsho I am a forever ogre

      Patrick Stars momPatrick Stars momپیش 18 روز
    • Ryan you used dye. Ur supposed to use paint my dude

      Jenna MartinJenna Martinپیش ماه
    • I just found this channel. They have like 5 other channels where the post 3 times a day or something and they all suck.

      TwinkieDink SkatingTwinkieDink Skatingپیش 2 ماه

      levilancaster11levilancaster11پیش 3 ماه
  • I think Ryan picked the least girly one on the channel 😂

    Ghoul LizGhoul Lizپیش 10 ساعت
  • Q

    BB_ SypherBB_ Sypherپیش روز
  • The Disney channel startup thing legit made me laugh 😂

    Cheese BurgerCheese Burgerپیش 2 روز
  • it does work

    Yo brainYo brainپیش 2 روز
  • i do the first life hack before this vid

    Yo brainYo brainپیش 2 روز

    Jimmy OldmanJimmy Oldmanپیش 2 روز
  • “I couldn’t find the baking soda, and then I found the baking soda.” Wow, what a journey.

    Kate LeuerKate Leuerپیش 2 روز
  • LoL Ryan your not a girl

    Beck D AguirreBeck D Aguirreپیش 3 روز
  • 13:31 dude you used paper it just sokes thru edit and you put cloth dye on foam

    Harper LangleyHarper Langleyپیش 3 روز
  • Who else noticed in the beginning of the Disney channel intro he drew the Abraham Lincoln from the 1st living on one cent video

    ThatOneFolfThatOneFolfپیش 4 روز
  • Ryan, can you not swear on your videos?

    EunSe(Felix) KimEunSe(Felix) Kimپیش 4 روز
  • lmaoo

    Drake BraunDrake Braunپیش 5 روز
  • "If anything boys need more acne advice than girls" *Screams in makeup*

    MymymiaMymymiaپیش 6 روز
  • I heard a moan at 2:35 lol

    AEWYAEWYپیش 7 روز
  • I feel like ryan could actually be on disney channel onna show called *tryans crazy life* or sum cringy shxt xD

    Anime guyAnime guyپیش 9 روز

    •Love Eternal Animations••Love Eternal Animations•پیش 18 روز
  • I bet those crafts took more than 5 minutes

    Hi YouHi Youپیش ماه
  • UMMMM it was PAINT not DYE

    chubby puppychubby puppyپیش ماه
  • 5 minute crafts solves problems that don’t exist

    Stephanie CourtneyStephanie Courtneyپیش ماه
  • Pov: you're here because you miss Ryan's old content

    Ranboob LiveRanboob Liveپیش ماه
  • Ryan raging for 14 minutes straight

    Yami ForevahYami Forevahپیش ماه
  • Who needs a toothbrush when you have baking soda and toothpaste

    Francisco NhavotoFrancisco Nhavotoپیش ماه
  • I trued the second one it gave me red marks on my face

    Wendi FisherWendi Fisherپیش ماه
  • i guess 146K people have blue jeans with suspenders on! WoW ThAtS KoOl!!!!!!!!

    Kimmy KKimmy Kپیش ماه
  • Every dermatologist ever: No! No! No! 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Bowi CleggBowi Cleggپیش ماه
  • How are these girl hacks boys have acne too and who says that when boys go grocery shopping the bag can’t break also boys can get stained teeth and boys can make cool designs on shirts

    Baby yoda CuteBaby yoda Cuteپیش ماه
  • I literally love this dude

    Jenna MartinJenna Martinپیش ماه
  • you did it wrong, dont use paper otherwise of course its going to bleed into the shirt

    Swarangi AndhareSwarangi Andhareپیش ماه
  • I honestly don’t get what the shirt designs are for 😂 they don’t look very fashionable lol

    AmeliaSkypeSkyAmeliaSkypeSkyپیش 2 ماه
  • I'm A bIg FaN oF sHiRtS

    Gloria KiruiGloria Kiruiپیش 2 ماه
  • That's not fabric paint, That's fabric dye. your not, I can't even get through the comment I'm laughing so hard, oh my Lord. fabric dye is pure liquid and you mix it with warm water and you put the whole shirt or whatever you're trying to die into it and let it soak. what you needed and was used in the video was fabric paint. You know it's thicker and it's meant for stenciling and things of that nature. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

    Cosmo DawnCosmo Dawnپیش 2 ماه
  • rip his counter

    tony kelleytony kelleyپیش 2 ماه
  • 9:40 and then 9:44 " its not gonna freaking work" OMG it works and so much space" LMAOOOO

    Crista BeachCrista Beachپیش 2 ماه
  • gotta love the asmr

    yes ma'amyes ma'amپیش 2 ماه
  • Hey Ryan, I just wanted to say that your videos are SO funny. I generally enjoy your content. I hope you have a great rest of your day or night whenever you're reading this :)))))))))

    Le SharkyLe Sharkyپیش 2 ماه
  • Ryan: “let’s go to the living room” Also Ryan: goes to the kitchen

    JustBlocksJustBlocksپیش 2 ماه
  • Nobody: somebody: bob: hahaha you thought something else would be here didnt you

    120thegreat120thegreatپیش 2 ماه
  • This is the first video I watched before I watched you a lot

    Nicole PaquetteNicole Paquetteپیش 2 ماه
  • If you wore the t shirt with the red blob, it would look like you got shot.

    Granny MGranny Mپیش 3 ماه
  • HMMM a snake or a worm?

    Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatakeپیش 3 ماه

    FlameTuber YTFlameTuber YTپیش 3 ماه
  • Side Note: The last one you used paper so that's why it went through *Not saying it would work with a puzzle piece MAYBE THO

    100 Subscribers With No videos Challenge!100 Subscribers With No videos Challenge!پیش 3 ماه
  • "Apparently I don't own scissors" Sir, Why do you not have any scissors-

    MatriXx AnimatesMatriXx Animatesپیش 3 ماه
    • Hi I’m the first one to like this 👋🏽

      Peace LoversPeace Loversپیش 3 ماه
  • Who else is watching in 2020!

    Brinley PearsonBrinley Pearsonپیش 3 ماه
  • The store clerks before he came:clerk no 1: JIM JIM TAKE ALL THE BAGS TO THAT BACK AND LEAVE ONE

    Eleni DalyEleni Dalyپیش 3 ماه
  • hyram is watching this video and is crying

    Rutwikaa ReddyRutwikaa Reddyپیش 3 ماه
  • all i could think looking at the title was: "no, don't"

    Kemery KreatesKemery Kreatesپیش 3 ماه
  • I feel bad now...

    Pearl ExeHekPearl ExeHekپیش 3 ماه
  • Alternative title: I am going to be a femboy and try these hacks *”for girls only”*

    Pearl ExeHekPearl ExeHekپیش 3 ماه
  • Imagine they play the weird dishwasher commercial like “we do it every night! Run your dishwasher every night, “ with the old couple, you know the one. But its like “we do it every night!” Then shows the old couple húmping eachother 😳

    Curd1ed_m1lkCurd1ed_m1lkپیش 3 ماه
  • “Look at the bright sight, it cant get any worse. I hope” *All of us to 2020*

    LakeLakeپیش 3 ماه
  • lil head big body

    CMB MarCMB Marپیش 3 ماه
  • Ryan: I'm feelin' craftier than mac n' cheese today Me eating mac n' cheese: um.......

    Otter LeyOtter Leyپیش 3 ماه
  • i still love the "iim so..upset"

    Hayley CrouchHayley Crouchپیش 3 ماه
  • Felt that baking soda actually makes your face smooth and cleaner

    Parth RajputParth Rajputپیش 3 ماه
  • The shirt one didn't work because you used a paper thing instead of cardboard.

    Ben WilhelmBen Wilhelmپیش 3 ماه
  • 0:03 a toddler trying to draw lol

    Alexander Vera CruzAlexander Vera Cruzپیش 3 ماه
  • Oh no, your paper bag ripped! What do you do? A: Deal with it and go home B: Ask for another bag C: Go nude in the store because you used your suspenders and jeans as a f**king grocery bag

    SharkBoiChomp :DSharkBoiChomp :Dپیش 3 ماه
  • that piant was black becaus you didnt shake them lol

    tiger gaming2008tiger gaming2008پیش 3 ماه
  • 2:06 ... *my gag reflexes could never*

    It’s MeIt’s Meپیش 4 ماه
  • Ryan clearly doesn't know how die works

    Katherin HallsKatherin Hallsپیش 4 ماه
  • It did not work because you did it with pepper the shirt chric

  • When Ryan said “ I need friends” I felt that #nofriendszone 😢😔. I didn’t know that was a real website 😬😬😬

    Skater girl coolcat123 REEESkater girl coolcat123 REEEپیش 4 ماه
  • R

    R1SE CaseR1SE Caseپیش 4 ماه
  • he should have said crafting tabe not crafting set up

    Corrupt_Skillzz _Corrupt_Skillzz _پیش 4 ماه
  • I like how he used *paper* to make the tshirt shape

    ThePoPo PotatoThePoPo Potatoپیش 4 ماه
  • 8:23 Women always carry around a extra pair of pants

    YoungSingerYoungSingerپیش 4 ماه
  • okay i'm british... what's a tote bag?

    MiaMiaپیش 4 ماه
    • A case u put your stuff in on vacation

      Luke RoozeLuke Roozeپیش 3 ماه
  • Why cant boys be girly😐

    bobin khattakbobin khattakپیش 4 ماه
  • "we don't paper bags"

    PreepyCastaPreepyCastaپیش 4 ماه
  • not a dermatolgist but pretty sure rubbing your face with a toothbrush is even worse than the baking soda

    Cezara CCezara Cپیش 4 ماه
  • I love snakes

    ScardiceyScardiceyپیش 4 ماه
  • The first draft was ASMR when he was putting it in his mouth

    ScardiceyScardiceyپیش 4 ماه
  • skin care by Hyrum watching this: 👁👄👁 No ❤️

    Jasmine FinlayJasmine Finlayپیش 4 ماه
  • this made me crying laughing for 10 mins straight. amazing. I died when he pulled the shirt off the shirt and literally just literally, nothing happened. BAHAHAHAHAHAHHA IM CRYING

    XanderVlogz -XanderVlogz -پیش 4 ماه
  • Cute

    The Spirit TreeThe Spirit Treeپیش 4 ماه
  • He did not just put baking soda on his face you need to watch Hiram

    Ana MegAna Megپیش 4 ماه
    • Omg

      Ana MegAna Megپیش 4 ماه
  • Imagine Gay

    Rayen09Rayen09پیش 4 ماه
  • Ryan: I couldn’t find the baking soda and then I found the baking soda.

    Sam McDuffie NonamerSam McDuffie Nonamerپیش 4 ماه
  • I couldn’t find the baking soda but then I found the baking soda. Lol 😂

    Pearson BesCooipPearson BesCooipپیش 4 ماه
  • Hahahah I got this in my reccomended

    Shreya Abraham XI BShreya Abraham XI Bپیش 4 ماه

    e.De.Dپیش 4 ماه
  • I will:)

    •Monokuma••Monokuma•پیش 4 ماه
  • I know this was way to much still continues to put second one on

    JuliaJuliaپیش 4 ماه
  • Ryan: *I am a big guy, and-* Me as an artist: Great, ANOTHER stick figure to draw... One like = luck for me!! 🥵🥵🥵👋👋👁👄👁

    SparkleBomb YTSparkleBomb YTپیش 4 ماه
  • Not even joking he did almost a every single one wrong

    Meamnooob EMeamnooob Eپیش 4 ماه
  • The way he pulled out the paper shirt from the shirt 13:00

    Vanish KlipsVanish Klipsپیش 5 ماه
  • Imagine a mouth full of toothpaste, baking soda, and paper in your mouth, sounds disgusting-

    bnxna_milkbnxna_milkپیش 5 ماه
  • Don’t try the teeth whitener one because I tryed it and the foil slit my gums

    Lexi GibsonLexi Gibsonپیش 5 ماه
  • I am subbing

    Neighborhood Bro’sNeighborhood Bro’sپیش 5 ماه
  • I love the bit where 5 minute crafts is trash

    Jinxed Rabbit_6Jinxed Rabbit_6پیش 5 ماه
  • Hack: this will clear your acne! Real face wash: this will clear your acne! Me: imma trust real face wash

    Liz SealLiz Sealپیش 5 ماه
  • u were gay for 14 minutes and 42 seconds

    Jonathan SilvaJonathan Silvaپیش 5 ماه
  • Ryan * does the life hack wrong Ryan " it does not work "

    Nemesis FoxNemesis Foxپیش 5 ماه
  • “I couldn’t find the baking soda Then I found the baking soda”

    Aka InniAka Inniپیش 5 ماه
  • i’m wearing red suspenders right now

    Aaron PokeDexterAaron PokeDexterپیش 5 ماه
  • Carli Demilio is in the background

    Puppy PalacePuppy Palaceپیش 5 ماه
  • 14:11 wow I didn’t know 144k people like suspenders😎

    Natalie LewisNatalie Lewisپیش 5 ماه
  • For the toothpaste one it works better with tin foil and the same ingredients don't use as much baking soda tho and I don't have to smear the toothpaste it works for me

    Dance_MonkeyDance_Monkeyپیش 5 ماه