Paying Strangers Rent on Omegle!

2020 16 آوریل
578 396 بازدید

I love yall :)
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  • ryan we should play some minecraft. ryan we NEED TO PLAY MINECRAFT! i would beat u in a 1v1.

    LukeyPukeyManLukeyPukeyManپیش روز
  • 10:05 my soul left my body

    SMLD XSMLD Xپیش 3 روز
  • “Are you Danny Duncan?” 🤣😂

    Yoeliz SantanaYoeliz Santanaپیش 4 روز
  • "Is than an A&M shirt there? Let's go, I dropped out of there!"

    Thepaintrain2013Thepaintrain2013پیش 12 روز
  • Something ain’t right 🤔 was this unlisted?

    CannonCannonپیش 26 روز
  • The girl and boy with the dogs are my cousins 🥰

    NotShanteNotShanteپیش ماه
  • Which site it is?

    Pushpak AgrawalPushpak Agrawalپیش ماه
  • 12:45 did this man just say 100 million subscribers Lmao

    Simplyy JacxbSimplyy Jacxbپیش 2 ماه
  • 06:31 and he looks like scooby

    荣幸荣幸پیش 2 ماه
  • 70usd for a webcam these days ??? You get a nice one, full hd with low light sensor for about 20 USD (new offcorse with 2 year warranty).

    KrKyoutubeKrKyoutubeپیش 3 ماه
    • not unless you want a crappy 720p one on which you can count the frames. I actually did end up buying one even after they were out of stock for literal months. cost me £110. - Kid from thr video

      ConLRConLRپیش 14 روز

    Shailab SinghShailab Singhپیش 3 ماه
  • The girl and the boy with the two dogs are my cousins-

    Sleepy KoalaSleepy Koalaپیش 3 ماه
  • pick me bech

    XXDecaptionxXs 1028 12XXDecaptionxXs 1028 12پیش 4 ماه
  • Anybody email that Indian kid? If u didn’t this his email Go tell him something random lol

    Jack GreenleafJack Greenleafپیش 4 ماه
  • 8:26

    aneesa worldaneesa worldپیش 4 ماه
  • 6:17 and 8:31 are the best parts 😂

    Lilly And DylanLilly And Dylanپیش 5 ماه
  • "wIi, BaBy"

    StochasticStochasticپیش 5 ماه
  • 9:35 this is just...

    Gustavo SGustavo Sپیش 6 ماه
  • 2:49 Ryan: (silence) i met charli d'amielo once Kid: Oh RYAN!!

    ZaneZaneپیش 6 ماه
    • Not a kid :)

      ConLRConLRپیش 4 ماه
  • When that one person said "Yoo Photoshop guys just sent me money!" I love that he's known as photoshop guy from when he made that insta account for it XD

    Kyla McHughKyla McHughپیش 6 ماه
  • Not kidding, I CRIED when Jeff said they didn’t need any money and his daughter said they’d rather him give it to someone who needed it more. These are the best people🥺

    Morgan RMorgan Rپیش 6 ماه
  • Guys, no matter how much you ask, Ryan isn't going to give you any money. That was for a video. Everyone who was in the video that got the money are extremely lucky. He gave away the money with the kindness in his heart. It's disrespectful to ask for money. This video has 562,995 views at the time of watching this. If everyone in the comments asked for as little as $1, that would be HALF A MILLION DOLLARS! Please understand that this was for a video.

    ConLRConLRپیش 6 ماه

    Sara BenthallSara Benthallپیش 6 ماه
  • U stupid y would you GIVE HIM 1000

    Ghostmo21Ghostmo21پیش 7 ماه
  • that app is MESSED UP

    Maeve TresslerMaeve Tresslerپیش 7 ماه
  • He said he was his biggest fan yet if i met ryan on omegle i would scream.

    Maeve TresslerMaeve Tresslerپیش 7 ماه
  • thanks for the 50 dollars

    alexa ahnalexa ahnپیش 7 ماه
  • Pick me bech

    M4TTRXM4TTRXپیش 7 ماه
  • *what person On Omegle shows strangers how Jesus looks*

    Pierre GeageaPierre Geageaپیش 7 ماه
  • "i know a famous person" "who?" "you"

    Patsy KiniryPatsy Kiniryپیش 7 ماه
    • hah that was me

      alexa ahnalexa ahnپیش 24 روز
  • Ryan has a heart for helping others. So cool

    Julie kyewalabyeJulie kyewalabyeپیش 7 ماه
  • Was thay she snorlax

    simone ksimone kپیش 8 ماه
  • Me can I get 5k

    Theofficialrobertdowney ScreamingYT ChannelTheofficialrobertdowney ScreamingYT Channelپیش 8 ماه
  • That Filipino guys just missed his 5, 000 pesos it's a $100 at United states

    TikTokREWINDTikTokREWINDپیش 8 ماه
  • Pick me bech

    ThatManIsLaGOATThatManIsLaGOATپیش 8 ماه
  • Pick me bech

    aesthetic bratzaesthetic bratzپیش 8 ماه
  • “Hohoho happy Easter” “that’s not how that works”

    zaxzyzaxzyپیش 8 ماه
  • Dood at 10.50 : I'm your biggest fan from Denmark bro Me : *U sure 'bout that sir?*

    hp addicthp addictپیش 8 ماه
  • Can u give me money pls I’m saving up to buy a pc

    Zerta-_-BotZerta-_-Botپیش 8 ماه
  • Thats not omegle

    Kook Kidz GamingKook Kidz Gamingپیش 8 ماه
  • Pick me bech

    VGT createsVGT createsپیش 8 ماه
  • wii baby!!

    TroveionTroveionپیش 8 ماه
  • Respect to the girl at 8:04 for having stranger things session three poster

    Caroline PriestCaroline Priestپیش 8 ماه

    Aden GuaraAden Guaraپیش 8 ماه
  • pick me bech

    miranda sarmientomiranda sarmientoپیش 8 ماه
  • simp

    Some Felix Argyle simpSome Felix Argyle simpپیش 8 ماه
  • 1:22 they must have been like "yep.. that is him.."

    OskarOskarپیش 8 ماه
  • how do people make money off of youtube bc im broke im trying to make videos but you know 11 year olds cant get famous in 1 daay :(

    You're gay Daily animeYou're gay Daily animeپیش 8 ماه
  • No offense but if u have Omegle ur a perv

    BoltZBoltZپیش 8 ماه
  • "Why are you looking at me like that?"

    Wally WestWally Westپیش 8 ماه
  • no

    joselynjoselynپیش 8 ماه
  • Trump 2020 guys my fave

    Anna StromAnna Stromپیش 8 ماه
  • i really wanna fucking do this but i dont have insta in im 11 :*( ive got a debit card to lmao and i rlly want a nintendo switch with animal crossing in it so im starting a insta rn! lmao

    luciqdreamsssluciqdreamsssپیش 8 ماه
  • House tour?

    ShrubbyShrubbyپیش 8 ماه
  • Pay random commentors who have no views a rent pay

    SANChEZG14 -SANChEZG14 -پیش 8 ماه
  • girl: i don't speak english ryan: say no more. *tells the longest story*

    zoe bean!zoe bean!پیش 8 ماه
  • 1:39 this this man ok?

    big dek122big dek122پیش 8 ماه
  • 4:50 is my sister

    MudinabowlMudinabowlپیش 8 ماه
  • what is the app for video chat?

    Steven YuSteven Yuپیش 8 ماه
  • at 7:03 the dude said “omg ryan” and it reminded me of the vine of the dude saying that 😂

    Kim AndersonKim Andersonپیش 8 ماه
  • 5:58

    StevenStevenپیش 8 ماه
  • That one kid that called you tridan 😂 (10:43)

    Peyton Van LonePeyton Van Loneپیش 8 ماه
  • Give me money for vbocks nowwwwww

    moheeb robloxmoheeb robloxپیش 8 ماه
  • yeeee

    AnimeScythe GTAnimeScythe GTپیش 8 ماه
  • Random 8 year old: I play rainbow 6 siege Ryan: I play the game of life Random 8 year old: its not like that game is any better Me: ......well you're not wrong

    Dirty MontyDirty Montyپیش 8 ماه
  • why do so many of them have stranger things posters on their walls lol

    Melissa GonzalezMelissa Gonzalezپیش 8 ماه
  • You are the best!

    AdamAdamپیش 8 ماه
  • Ryan can u give me money

    Declan MooreDeclan Mooreپیش 8 ماه
  • German girl: *doesn’t understand English* Ryan: so here’s a story...

    ᴍɪᴋᴀ xᴍɪᴋᴀ xپیش 8 ماه
  • Lol I watched this 10 time already

    jad chahinejad chahineپیش 8 ماه
  • pick me bech

    end meend meپیش 8 ماه
  • I saw the girl at the start’s paypal

    pickle jacksonpickle jacksonپیش 8 ماه
  • Only ogs remember what’s up cow boys

    EpicVenom2821EpicVenom2821پیش 8 ماه
  • My son is only 10 years old and went on Omegle after watching this. He got a stranger wacking himself. PLEASE PUT A DISCLAIMER. AND DON'T DELETE MY COMMENT. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS

    Jessica LoveJessica Loveپیش 8 ماه
  • Ooohh, you luk lak Shaggie, from scubi dew!!

    Thomas JarnerThomas Jarnerپیش 8 ماه
  • omegle is bad

    Top-Nerdy GamerTop-Nerdy Gamerپیش 8 ماه
  • Is no one gonna talk about the boy who was picking in his nose haha

    Vanessa Fattahi KirvallVanessa Fattahi Kirvallپیش 8 ماه
  • I play Wii- Ryan 2020

    Elma SmajicElma Smajicپیش 8 ماه
  • pick me bech

    Noah AllenNoah Allenپیش 8 ماه
  • Ok am I the only one who needs Ryan right now my fam have been try ing to get a puppy for 6 years and keep missing out so we like need the money right now 🤣😭

    Amy BAmy Bپیش 9 ماه
  • Wow! Your such a kind person :) Jewel Obelidhon THE VIDEO EDITING EXPERTS W: IG:@videoediting_experts

    The Video Editing Experts - PortfolioThe Video Editing Experts - Portfolioپیش 9 ماه
  • 1:24 oh my gosh, another Ellyana i've been blessed. I feel like Ellyana's are rare

    Sky_DaddySky_Daddyپیش 9 ماه

    Car KeyZCar KeyZپیش 9 ماه
  • My Alexa went of when he said her name! Lol

    Grace TaylorGrace Taylorپیش 9 ماه
    • hhhhhaaaaa

      alexa ahnalexa ahnپیش 3 ماه
  • i hate you but i love you

    Cookie is coolCookie is coolپیش 9 ماه
    • and i wish that i'd be a lucky person, but luck hates me Q~Q

      Cookie is coolCookie is coolپیش 9 ماه
  • 5:29 is mee :)

    emeliaemeliaپیش 9 ماه
  • Hello, I'm a small IRworldr and I would really appreciate it if you at least just watched one of my videos!

    Andrew TellezAndrew Tellezپیش 9 ماه
  • Ryan! Please check my dm on Instagram!

    Joshua MularczykJoshua Mularczykپیش 9 ماه
  • bro when u asked me how much i wanted i froze

    Mark SantosMark Santosپیش 9 ماه
    • damn

      Potato J.Potato J.پیش 9 ماه
  • aww connor was so sweet and cute, my heartttt

    Meilani PayneMeilani Payneپیش 9 ماه
    • Meilani Payne haha thank you lol

      ConLRConLRپیش 9 ماه
  • The type of shit Ryan trahan does for his fans is unbelievable.

    166hz166hzپیش 9 ماه
  • It was a really unfortunate time for that kid to pick his nose.

    166hz166hzپیش 9 ماه
  • bruh my emo ass looking like rat in this video 💀😔 and then dosnt even get money 😔✌️

    Fiona MonkeyFiona Monkeyپیش 9 ماه
  • ryan:i met charli damelio once! that one guy:OMG RYAN

    jana weasleyjana weasleyپیش 9 ماه
    • Video star Tutorials bro it scared the crap out of me

      ConLRConLRپیش 9 ماه
  • 7:30 Girl: I don't speak english Ryan: Starts telling a whole story in english

    Brady VlogsBrady Vlogsپیش 9 ماه
  • R6 siege is the best

    The red wolfThe red wolfپیش 9 ماه
  • PayPal account some one tip me a dollar 1$ please 🙏🙏

    Pablo HoodPablo Hoodپیش 9 ماه
  • 2:32 what song is this

    Musa TaylorMusa Taylorپیش 9 ماه
  • csgo gnag i was gonn ay same ting

    Mang0 GaminMang0 Gaminپیش 9 ماه
  • New mr beast

    ClappingsXClappingsXپیش 9 ماه