The Strangest TikTok Couple Ever

2019 20 فوریه
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found the weirdest tiktok couple ever. this vid is quite the rollercoaster
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HIDDEN COMMENT: vitale sounds like a nice guy

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  • hi Ryan plz see this (Hell Never See This)

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    • HELL?????

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  • I-I use Colgate...

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  • not penis

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  • People who stayed to the very end and heard the story about Viytaly

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  • This is the first time I respect someone stretching the video to hit 11 minutes

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  • Imagine kfc sponsoring you with 100 of their gaming consoles

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  • Vitally sound like Viking-Italy=vitally

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  • 1 of the tik-toks is her holding a gun with a helicopter behind her like wth

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  • RIP Hannah

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  • *You put lamp in truck!*

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  • don't you just hate it when you have a final but you need to go to the gym and then you wreck you're books because you couldn't just SIT ON THE DAMN COUCH AND STUDY NORMANLY.

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  • the no one then the meal prep guy got me cringe factor 9898898989

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  • Super seige has competition finally

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  • As you said the colgate part i was literally brushing my teeth with the exact same toothpaste

  • vitale sounds like a nice guy

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  • Screw vitali

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  • Top Hannah

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  • I pay my respects to dear Hannah Montanas cancelation

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  • I’m realer than vitaly

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  • neptune is actually pretty good

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  • If anybody was wondering the poster said “comment “nice poster” if you are reading this”

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  • The outro was 😗👌🏻 Beautiful

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  • RIP Hanna

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  • Mom: “what are you watching?” Me: “nothing.” Ryan: *rubs but on wall and continues to cartwheel and hurt heel* Mom: “WHAT THE FU-“

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  • 100000 people open doritos like that they are weird

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  • RIP Hannah

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  • I love you

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  • at 7:33 when he said ok thats it for this vid and i scroll down and i see the clip of her hanging, but i didnt see her top cause it was cut off my the screen so I was so frecked out but when i scrolled up there she was. Lmao that was so funny

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  • Go Hannah go Hannah go Hannah

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  • Rip Hannah

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  • i brush with colgate :(

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  • RIP Hannah

  • 2:07:I CANT EAT CHOCOLATE IM ON A DIET!! Me right now:**eating chocolate**

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  • Him vs super sage who would win

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