White Boys Try Learning Hip Hop Dance Routine in 15 Minutes

2019 20 آوریل
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  • His dancing reminds me so much of michael scott

    xinc _xinc _پیش 3 روز
  • i was watching haley in awh.

    taylor katetaylor kateپیش 4 روز
  • Oh dear

    Beau BennionBeau Bennionپیش 6 روز
  • wait what song did he use

    Omar Al-QaisiOmar Al-Qaisiپیش 7 روز
  • can i have the song name

    Noah hallamNoah hallamپیش 7 روز
  • Isnt that joehes intro sound lol

    XxSadVibesxX 0912XxSadVibesxX 0912پیش 8 روز
  • 12:49 Haley and Erick do the routine by themselves

    Arlenee GonzalezArlenee Gonzalezپیش 9 روز
  • fire bruh

    Jordan HolmesJordan Holmesپیش 10 روز
  • That was perfect ♥️😂

    Deni CDeni Cپیش 12 روز
  • This is my favorite video on IRworld to this day 😂

    Karma ElshafeiKarma Elshafeiپیش 21 روز
  • That was perfect

    Dog LoversDog Loversپیش ماه
  • You are a champion You are coordinated You are.....guilty of cultural appropriation. Keep your ass on the farm and shuck some corn. Take those other clowns with you. while you're at it.

    Wayne MillerWayne Millerپیش ماه
  • " That was perfect"

    Natalie RobinsonNatalie Robinsonپیش ماه
  • Why is Halyley the better female alternative of Thr Ryans?

    Dr. M0rphDr. M0rphپیش 2 ماه
  • That was so perfect

    Chase DodsonChase Dodsonپیش 2 ماه
  • why is he just irish free styling

    Rebekah ZielinskiRebekah Zielinskiپیش 2 ماه
  • i watch this every month

    Eth6n FloresEth6n Floresپیش 2 ماه
  • They looked like they had so much fun :) It was so wholesome, I really enjoyed watching it :3

    Le SharkyLe Sharkyپیش 2 ماه
  • Oh dear you are so good

    HimelHimelپیش 3 ماه
  • Song name plz

    Vivek MahadeoVivek Mahadeoپیش 3 ماه
  • Real props to the camera guy for making Ryan² look like they could dance at the end.

    ArtisticallyArtisticallyپیش 3 ماه
  • Everyone needs to watch this video! Trust me it will make your day better! 😂 I’m dying of laughter!

    Mila L.Mila L.پیش 3 ماه
  • That was trash Jk love you

    Yt swetzYt swetzپیش 3 ماه
  • i rewatched this because the first time i was just watching the ryans struggle

    Spartacus DenizSpartacus Denizپیش 3 ماه
  • Ryan: They even have features like guided breathing Jojo fans: ill take your whole stock

    Spartacus DenizSpartacus Denizپیش 3 ماه
  • the shoes sweaking: my middle school ptsd kick in

    Mondey AveryMondey Averyپیش 3 ماه
  • Why is Ryan's freestyle "hip hop" dancing irish dancing

    lilyauna maelilyauna maeپیش 3 ماه
  • Haley KILLED this!! You go gurl!

    lilyauna maelilyauna maeپیش 3 ماه
  • oh dear.

    raintopraintopپیش 3 ماه
  • Cool

    Honey NandalHoney Nandalپیش 3 ماه
  • that was legitness

    Hermione GrangerHermione Grangerپیش 3 ماه
  • That was so close too perfect

    DarkSwordzzDarkSwordzzپیش 3 ماه
  • It’s pretty close between Haley and ryan

    Grant DonahueGrant Donahueپیش 4 ماه
  • Ryan won

    Grant DonahueGrant Donahueپیش 4 ماه
  • 4:15 Ryan is the most talented one there, no doubt 😂😂😂

    Nathan DerbyshireNathan Derbyshireپیش 4 ماه
  • Everyone: so into watching them dance. Me: tries to figure out what kind of Cadillac is in the back

    Skatex PlaysSkatex Playsپیش 4 ماه
  • But Haley you killed it though

    Roro CRoro Cپیش 4 ماه
  • 14:24-15:02 look at yerrow its so funny man i cant even

    hihiپیش 4 ماه
  • 14:59 man yerrow really be looking awkward tho, mans cant even cross his arms properly

    hihiپیش 4 ماه
  • I swear I look like Ryan when I try hip hop, and the issue is that I have a hop routine I have to nail in 4 days and I suck at it

    Ava DyerAva Dyerپیش 4 ماه
  • she nailed it and I only watched her

    OLivia TharpOLivia Tharpپیش 4 ماه
  • The only channel I can watch when the wind is so strong that my window might cave in on itself and my trampoline might smash my window

    Jasmine RiceJasmine Riceپیش 4 ماه
  • Fossil sells watches

    Jayson PhamJayson Phamپیش 4 ماه
  • Song?

    Kate ShannerKate Shannerپیش 4 ماه
  • oh dear

    Kate ShannerKate Shannerپیش 4 ماه
  • Whats the song ?!

    Weronika SWeronika Sپیش 4 ماه
  • 👏👏👏

    Claire PorterClaire Porterپیش 4 ماه
  • Perfection

    R LR Lپیش 4 ماه

    ScarletScarletپیش 4 ماه
  • Haley is that girl in your class who says she hasnt studies anything for the test and then scores 98%

    ScarletScarletپیش 4 ماه
  • Ryan: im popping it Yerrow: im not at all Me: yeah

    ScarletScarletپیش 4 ماه

    ScarletScarletپیش 4 ماه
  • Ryan: I know how to do Hip Hop *Proceeds to Irish step dance badly* Unrelated: I have the same shirt as Yerrow

    Isaiah DobleIsaiah Dobleپیش 4 ماه
  • On dear

    Purple defaultPurple defaultپیش 4 ماه
  • Haley: *killing it* Ryan: *not really there* Yerrow: *just no* Hotel: *trivago*

    Emily Yee yeeEmily Yee yeeپیش 5 ماه
  • Does anyone know where to find this song.....

    Baghead :PBaghead :Pپیش 5 ماه
  • When Ryan Yerrow said "I messed up, I messed up" I felt that

    Rhea RajanRhea Rajanپیش 5 ماه
  • Haley was popping off dang, I didn’t watch em all 100% but Haley was good at dancing

  • That was perfect

    Blazing UnilamaBlazing Unilamaپیش 5 ماه
  • This is HILARIOUS

    Brooke BergerBrooke Bergerپیش 5 ماه
  • 6:42 rev run

    KelbyKelbyپیش 5 ماه
  • What song is it

    Olof JohanssonOlof Johanssonپیش 6 ماه
  • The end was sick, also apparently I’m a trooper

    karma nellykarma nellyپیش 6 ماه
  • If anyone is wondering what song they used it’s called Rev run 🤙

    CrusaderCrusaderپیش 6 ماه
  • This team should try going to an Aliya Janell class or smth.

    Malisita FoxMalisita Foxپیش 6 ماه
  • that was perfect

    piper durhampiper durhamپیش 6 ماه
  • haley you are so good at dancing what?!?!

    Marcella MalteseMarcella Malteseپیش 6 ماه
  • In a year, you guys are getting married🤩🤩

    palesa chanelpalesa chanelپیش 6 ماه
  • That was perfect

    Draco MalfoyDraco Malfoyپیش 6 ماه
  • Why is haylee so good-

    G a b b yG a b b yپیش 6 ماه
  • That was perfect

    Laci AckerLaci Ackerپیش 6 ماه
  • Any other dancers here relating to Haley. Hayley: “I don’t want to be here” (hitting every move without trying). Me: relatable

    The life of paytonThe life of paytonپیش 6 ماه
  • You are the awsome person in the world

    HeizAMVHeizAMVپیش 6 ماه
  • Ryan when none of the 6.4k comments say that was perfect 👁💧👄💧👁

    Aysia HAysia Hپیش 6 ماه

    ava harrisava harrisپیش 6 ماه
    • hiii o Rev Run

      CrusaderCrusaderپیش 6 ماه
  • “Ryan squared” this needs to be a thing

    LyracatLyracatپیش 6 ماه
  • This is the best thing I’ve ever seen

    LyracatLyracatپیش 6 ماه
  • Ryan: "That wasn't bad!" Erick: "Mmhmm..."

    Lily StylinsonLily Stylinsonپیش 6 ماه
  • That was perfect

    Jax ChambersJax Chambersپیش 6 ماه
  • Haley making money moves, while Ryan talks about his heart rate

    jacob vizardjacob vizardپیش 6 ماه
  • Y’all haters this is really hard to do

    Victoria SergentVictoria Sergentپیش 6 ماه
  • you guys are great haley i am horribly at dancing after omg you are so good at hip hop haley it takes practice du

    TTV MrMcaaronTTV MrMcaaronپیش 6 ماه
  • also, anyone know what song this is? My cousins were watching with me and know they want to learn it too........ :0 XD

    Noa PooleNoa Pooleپیش 6 ماه
    • Noa Poole Rev Run

      CrusaderCrusaderپیش 6 ماه
  • that looked so cool! *clap clap clap*

    Noa PooleNoa Pooleپیش 6 ماه
  • erick is a legenddddddd

    Stacie YbarraStacie Ybarraپیش 6 ماه
  • What’s the song called?

    Kinsey WintersKinsey Wintersپیش 6 ماه
    • Kinsey Winters Rev run

      CrusaderCrusaderپیش 6 ماه
  • Lol I can’t whenever I watch Trahan Dancing I can’t stop laughing

    Brooke DawsonBrooke Dawsonپیش 6 ماه
  • Tell me why it’s 2020 and I decided to learn this dance

    Virginia AkyolVirginia Akyolپیش 6 ماه
  • Sometimes its just cringe I know this vid is old but

    n0rmqln0rmqlپیش 6 ماه
  • That was perfect

  • That was perfect

    Amazing AnimationsAmazing Animationsپیش 6 ماه
  • Why was Yerrow so cringy at the end

    B P 0 0 4 4B P 0 0 4 4پیش 6 ماه
  • Ryan y - doesn’t do one step right Also Ryan y - “YES!”

    Rocky KayleighRocky Kayleighپیش 6 ماه
  • Music?

    Nax nowNax nowپیش 6 ماه
  • Anyone else learn it with them?

    MoMoپیش 6 ماه
  • It was so entertaining to watch the Ryan's fail so hard it's funny, and to watch Haley crush it like a boss

    Maeve TresslerMaeve Tresslerپیش 6 ماه
  • haley was like so good at that

    Maeve TresslerMaeve Tresslerپیش 6 ماه
  • Let be honest, everyone is looking at Haley the whole time they were dancing

    Bree LiscombBree Liscombپیش 6 ماه
  • That was perfect 😰 I promise

    kendi smithkendi smithپیش 6 ماه
  • Yerrow doing the fucking Roy purdy rockstar dance gets me every fucking time good lord

    Lori L.Lori L.پیش 7 ماه